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Real estate property management is the process of organizing and supervising real estate property and managing all aspects of it, including obtaining tenants, performing regular maintenance, collecting rents, and resolving legal and financial problems that may arise.

  • Real estate property management also includes market analysis and real estate evaluation, determining the best strategy for renting real estate and setting appropriate prices, in addition to preparing lease contracts and providing support and advice to tenants and landlords.
  • The goal of real estate property management is to achieve a profitable investment of real estate, to maintain its value, and to provide a stable income for real estate owners. Real estate property management is an important service for owners who struggle to do all the administrative and operational work themselves, and may require specialized assistance to deal with this day-to-day management.
  • Real estate property managers typically work for real estate companies, investment firms, or individual owners. They must have an extensive knowledge of local laws and regulations, and the ability to handle the financial, technical, and legal challenges involved in real estate property management.
  • The role of real estate property management is not limited to only residential properties, but can also be extended to include commercial and industrial properties, hotels, public facilities and other real estate assets.
    As it is well known, the process of reconciliation between the landlord, the owner of the property, and the tenant benefiting from the property is a very difficult matter..as the lessor seeks to increase the revenues of the property he owns and reduce consumption spending..and, on the other hand, the tenant or the usufructuary of this property seeks to benefit With the maximum possible amount of the property that is rented and with the lowest possible material cost… And we, at Al-Numtakhiya Real Estate, strive to achieve this difficult equation qualitatively and practically in a way that suits the maximum benefit of the lessor and the owner alike, and in accordance with the laws and legislation issued by the municipalities in The United Arab Emirates
    The administration includes a group of departments, the most important of which are (receiving the property, preparing it and making it ready for rent
  • 🏡 Advertising and marketing campaigns to display the real estate units prepared for rent
  • 🏡 Examination of customers in terms of their identification papers and their financial solvency as much as possible
  • 🏡 Financial accounting and auditing
  • 🏡 Periodic maintenance and consumption of the units Rented and vacant
  • 🏡 Documentation of rental contracts according to the applicable regulations and according to the regulations issued by the municipality of Sharjah
  • 🏡 Depositing checks in the owners account and supplying cash payments to them
  • 🏡 Follow-up of banks in collected or returned checks
  • 🏡 Follow-up of defaulted tenants and opening rental cases according to the applicable regulations
  • 🏡 Receiving the apartments prepared for eviction and checking them
  • 🏡 Periodic follow-up of the services of the entire building..for example but not limited to..guarding..cleanliness..civil defense system and annual fulfillment certificates..elevator contracts..air conditioning, cameras, and external cleaning of facades..
  • 🏡 Preparing periodic reports for owners for the required period.

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