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Mediation in the process of buying and selling real estate is a process of mediation between the seller and the buyer with the aim of completing the transaction. Mediation is a key role for a real estate agent, preparing and arranging the deal and dealing with the buyer and seller in both legal, financial and regulatory aspects.

Among the tasks that the real estate agent performs during mediation in the buying and selling process, the following can be mentioned:

  • Real estate appraisal: The real estate agent evaluates the property to be sold or purchased to determine its fair market value. This includes determining comparable prices for neighboring properties and analyzing the economic factors and infrastructure of the area.
  •  Marketing and Advertising: The real estate agent actively promotes the property to be sold or purchased to reach as many potential buyers as possible. This includes preparing pictures and presentations of the property and publishing them in various media outlets and well-known websites.
  •  Legal negotiation: The real estate agent negotiates between the seller and the buyer to reach a mutually satisfactory sale and purchase agreement. This includes discussing contract terms, prices, duration and any other terms necessary under local laws and regulations.
  •  Legal transactions: The real estate agent arranges and follows up the legal transactions related to the deal, such as preparing contracts and necessary documents, arranging the process of transferring ownership, registering the property, and calculating related fees and taxes.
  • Guidance and advice: The real estate agent provides advice and guidance to the buyer and seller about the process, including reviewing the market, evaluating the available offers, and identifying the special needs of each party.

In short, mediation in the process of buying and selling real estate plays an important role in completing deals between the seller and the buyer, as the real estate agent organizes and coordinates the financial, legal and marketing aspects to achieve the best result for both sides.

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